Listing your load on Backload4U your questions answered

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Listing your load on Backload4U your questions answered

Who is the relationship with?

Backload4u connects listers and carriers to work together to lower transport costs. Listers and carriers agree together the terms that suit them. Listers pay the carrier directly for any contracts they agree on.
Any contracts entered into are purely between the listers and the carrier. Backload4U is only providing a method for the listers to advertise to possible carriers for their move. Backload4U accepts no responsibility for any contracts entered into between listers and carriers.

If I request a quote am I committing myself?

Absolutely not. When you list a load to obtain a quote you are under no obligations.

How long will my load be up on the site for?

Loads are listed until the delivery date has expired. Using your loadlisters account which you can access at "Find a Load" you can delete/modify your load details at any time.

How far in advance can I list my load?

You can list your load at any time before the moving date.The longer the period of time you list before the pick up date gives carriers more time to view your load and schedule its transportation.

Do I need insurance for my load?

The Carriage of Goods Act may give you a small level of protection against carriers' liability. We strongly recommend you discuss transit insurance with the carrier plus your own insurer to ensure you are covered to the level you want. We recommend that this is done in writing (email, text etc) and not limited to a phone call only.

Can I change the details or withdraw my listing after it has been submitted?

Yes, using your loadlisters account which you can access at "Find A Load"

What if I do not hear from a carrier?

This can happen from time to time depending on the type of load and location. Normally this means that your request does not fit in any of the schedules our carriers have. Either try another listing with a wider date range or call a local carrier directly.

How reliable are the carriers registered with Backload4U?

Backload4U talks to carriers when they first register to ensure the carrier is experienced and meets our requirements.
Transit insurance with your normal insurer is recommended in case of unexpected problems with your move.

I am a carrier and I want to advertise empty truck space on my next trip.
How do I do that?

Login and click on "tools" at the top of our website page which will give you access to Empty Trucks.
Free adverts for premium carriers.
The same procedure applies for receiving emailed Load Alerts.

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