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Terms and Conditions

Premium Accounts - 1 month and greater subscriptions.

Benefits pertaining to these accounts.

(a) Receive emailed load alerts for listings in regions nominated by the carrier.
(b) Advertise empty truck space available on future trips in the new Empty Truck section.
(c) All accounts are user based and limited to use by persons directly employed in the one "legal entity". Additional accounts within one company may be provided at a discount at our discretion.

(a)There is no limit on the number of regions carriers may nominate for email load alerts.
(b)Empty truck ads that Premium carriers place are subject to "fair use policies". We may limit the number of ads placed!

Carriers Undertaking

Carriers agree to providing an efficient and courteous service to the people who "list my move" (listers) with Backload4u.


Backload4u may terminate any carriers registration if it receives substantiated complaint/s about unacceptable behavior. We may also terminate registration for any behavior we believe is unacceptable and outside industry "normal behavior". This will only occur after the carrier has had an opportunity to respond in writing to complaints. Where termination occurs there will be no refund of any subscription paid.

Privacy Act 1993

In accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, "listers" contact details are confidential and must not be revealed to any other carrier or used for any other purpose. Names and contact details will be made available only to those carriers registered with this website.

Availability of Loads

Backload4u will make best endeavors to keep its list of loads up to date but cannot guarantee that all loads listed are available. As we aim to provide carriers with a good value for money, please contact us if dissatisfied in any way.

Backload4u provides load listers with the facilities to amend and delete their own loads. Provision has now been made within the site for loads to be automatically deleted upon the expiration of the delivery date. Emails are also sent to load listers inquiring about progress.

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